Monday, February 25, 2013

new week

Well we are getting ready to be off and running for the week.  I took most of last week off, due to the nasty bug that I got but feeling some better now.

Today youngest kiddo has her new swim test (she missed most of the lessons so I don't expect much), but hopefully she will do good.  We have been having slick roads, being sick she has missed but oh well.

The oldest is going to go to fencing tonight so he should have a good time.  I have told his fencing instructor that he is PE teacher so he gets a kick out of teasing my son about it.  Should be fun.

Father-in-law might get to make it tonight with work maybe keeping him in town.  We will see how today goes.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Well I hope everyone is enjoying the week.
       We are just hanging out today enjoying the snow that we are getting.  Mom doesn't feel that good, so school is out today.

what does everyone else do when they don't feel good? Do you call it a goof day?  Well that is what I do.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Can you believe the week is now 1/2 over? 
Is anyone ready for  Valentines Day?
Well my answer to both questions is No.

  We had a school valentines party to go to yesterday and the youngest had a great time.   Main event was bowling and then off to the ice cream parlor.  The oldest child doesn't feel good so didn't have near as much fun.

  Today we have lots to do, but hopefully I wont be too tired since I am up so early.  I will take my trusted books with me to read while the kids are doing there things.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday morning

Is everyone ready for the new day? The sun is coming up and my quiet time is almost over.

As I sit on the couch I realize that Growler is almost a year old (boy is that one hard to believe) and she is very spoiled.  She has to be with me all the time.  She really likes playing in the snow and looks like a fur ball in the winter.  Spring is not going to be fun when she sheds all that hair.

Well the other two dogs are doing good too.  Scooby is getting an aspirin a day now and it keeps him in a better mood, plus he walks easier (he is our old man around 8 years old).  Being a blue heeler they are real susceptible to getting arthritis so this makes him feel better.  Abbey now has middle child syndrome and thinks that she is neglected so she climbs in your lap when ever I yell at either the kids or one of the other dogs.

Well I better get going, got dentist appointments, swim lessons and fencing tonight.  Time to hit the road running and don't look back.

Friday, February 8, 2013


Hopefully the weather isn't going to be too bad where you are this weekend.  We are suppose to get anywhere from 3-14 inches of snow (depending on who you listen too).

I am thinking it is going to be a good weekend to stay home and off the roads.  Maybe catch up on some reading(like I need an excuse).

I hope everyone has a great weekend, stay safe and enjoy your family.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

busy week

Do you ever feel overloaded with life's little problems?  Well I do, but hopefully it will get easier soon.

Hubby is home with his knee problem for a little while (good thing he is salary at work)
Oldest son finally got his replacement contacts last night so we will see how they work this time  :)
Youngest has a new swim teacher this time and loving it again so far :)

I have gotten a book read wrote by Bryan Davis and it seemed pretty good.
     Yes I read teen fiction sometimes so that I can get an idea on approved material for my oldest

Friday, February 1, 2013


Well yesterday was a interesting day but I am glad it is over.
            Hubby got hurt and popped his knee out of place, today he has to go to the dr. to find out what the next step is.
             Oldest son and I both have our first contacts (seems that is why he was having problems with school work).
            Youngest child had fun swimming with friends.

        I get my nails done (a family friend who is trying to pay her way through college without getting loans)
        I have a Homeschool Mom's get together luncheon to go to and the kids will go to Grandma's