Friday, November 1, 2013


   Hard to believe that today is the first of November, but considering all the apples that I have had to deal with, and all the family issues that have been going on I have to say at least it should be over.

   We finished the book The Viking and now we are reading Men of Iron for history.  I have to admit I was suppose to read the first one with my youngest and this last one with my oldest but I messed that up and so we are now reading all the books together.
    Men of Iron is a little confusing for my daughter, but she is holding up only because the chapters are so short.  When the characters speak they are in old English which gets me tongue tied but at least when the author is describing things it is easier to read.
    My oldest (son) is about to change his math to division for a month and after that I am thinking we will go back to algebra.
    Math u see is working really good so far for my youngest so I will leave her with that program.