Monday, October 28, 2013

lessons on math

It seems that my oldest has tricked me on his math lately.
    I have listened to the "I can't do it" so much that I started to believe him.  After telling him that his dad would take over math lessons all of a sudden he can do it... hum... what to believe on this.

I think that I shall believe that he is bored with math.  Right now he is answering 3 questions a day until I decide if his getting all right is a fluke or he really knows what he is doing (I believe the latter).
After that we are moving up to another math and by Christmas I expect us to be on algebra again.

So moral of the story.... that is for everyone to decide I think I have my idea on it

Monday, October 14, 2013


Can you believe that the month of October is almost over?  I can't that is for sure.
The month has been very educational for sure, hubby has replaced the radiator on his jeep, my truck has been in the shop getting brakes, and belts fixed.

Kids are getting school done (slowly but surely).
With all the stuff going on in the news with our government I have decided to start my oldest on a class that will explain the government and the powers that they have.  The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, I think he believes it is too much to do but being homeschooled I don't think he realizes just how small it really is.