Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Week

Well here we are on Sunday night getting ready to start the new week.
     Son is a little apprehensive about tomorrow, fencing could be canceled because so far not enough kids are taking the class at the rec center.  I have told him he has done everything he could to get more kids to join, he told friends and even not so much friends at youth group, told people at the library, he even walked into the local game store and tried to get people to go sign up.  Hopefully they will get the few more people that they need.

    Daughter is having a good time at swim lessons, and her homeschool PE class is off to a good start.  She is getting to see old friends and make new ones everyday.

   Trip that son and grandma were suppose to take has been postponed (upsetting a lot of people).  Grandma's house is almost sold and so they need to move.  Now the trip will happen after son's bday in Nov. and they will be back around the middle of Dec.  I hope that they have fun on the trip.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Lugging along

Does anyone else feel like school is like dragging?   I don't know if it is the weather (almost 80* slight wind) or what but we are having a problem getting school done.
Granted hubby has been home for the first part of the week, and when I say home I mean home with us.  It makes it hard to have school during that time, but I don't think that is it.  I am feeling we need something different but not quite sure what it is.

I think some of it is me.  Am I getting burned out? Am I having second thoughts about the whole homeschool?

I don't think so, but those are good questions.

Oh well to get through another day.
      swim lessons
      Wed. night church

Friday, September 14, 2012


Daughter is looking at bugs under microscope (she thinks she found a new species).
Son is hanging out with Mom and we are having fun.
Hubby is home getting to enjoy all the fun.

Growler is starting to feel better (after surgery and she likes me again).
Abby is running around the yard, and Scooby is good for an old dog.  

Monday, September 10, 2012

new week

Well it is a new week starting today and the busyness is about to begin.

Daughter starts swim lessons tonight 2 nights a week (we didn't think she would but someone had to cancel)
                starts homeschool PE tomorrow 2 days a week
 Son starts fencing tonight 1 night a week

Wed night church for the kids start up this week (my class doesn't start till next week the leader is in Peru on a mission trip)

So yeah son is getting the short end of the stick on activities but he might do Kempo on Tues and Friday nights too (not sure exactly and it is free so well worth the time).

new toy

Well it was a busy weekend for us

hubby got a new jeep/toy.  We needed a 2nd vehicle and this works since son is going to be driving soon too.

Yes it is a little small for a family of 4 but we can make it work. 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

busy day

I have had a busy day today (wish I could say it was all school related)
               well I guess in a way it was

Got oldest signed up for fencing, youngest for swim lessons at rec. center.
Got dog food (boy do we go through a lot) thank goodness for Petco coupons and sales.
Youngest is also signed up for home school PE 2x a week, I just need to get her art going too.  Even though the oldest is not in as many things he is still going to be busy (trust me).

I have decided to get the Sunday paper and start shopping with coupons (hubby being home last week as I watched part of a show about it kinda led to that one).

Had to call the gas company today to fix my oven,  it has been out for over a week.  I hate not being able to bake.  Oh well they are also going to do a heater check when they come by so I will be ready for winter (oh boy can't wait).

hope all of you are having a great day and enjoying the sunshine (??) if you have any today.

feel so loved

today in Science  my youngest made a Mnemonic statement for the planets

Mom    ---- Mercury
Very    -----Venus
Early  ------Earth
Morning  ---Mars
Just   -------Jupiter
Started   ---Saturn
Ugh        ---Uranus
Nap  -------Neptune

the one she did in the notebook was without Pluto

I feel loved to be the center of her sentence 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Child Hood imaginations

I love the way kids can go outside and play.  All you need is a little room, maybe music (MP3 covers that) and best of all your imagination and you have a whole day done.

Right now my little one is playing on or around the swing set, listening to music and talking to the dogs.  This is music to my ears since she is getting all the energy out of her outside and not inside.
Weather is perfect so she should be outside until her tea party at noon today.

hope everyone else is having that same great day we are having