Monday, September 30, 2013

new week

I can't wait to start the new week off, see hubby had dental surgery and was home for the last 2 weeks, and it is hard to school with hubby sitting on the couch.  Some dad's want to be the school principal (mine wants to be the class the clown).

Kids are not looking forward to having school yet, but they will be ok with it when we get it done.

Apples are almost done getting picked, of course after our first snow fall you would think that would be end of them, but it is not.  Somehow they survived the snow and cold and so me and the kids have more apples to get.  I think I have recruited some help on this though we shall see. (fingers crossed)

Monday, September 16, 2013


Happy Monday

Ok I realize how that sounds, so wrong right.   Well I was hoping that I could get excited for the new week to start, since I have so much going on this week.
Hubby has a few dentist appointments this week, he took the week off from work to get this done.
 Well I hope everyone has a great day today and remember it is a happy Monday kind of day.

Friday, September 13, 2013


    Well I do believe that the weather has a lot to do with the kids and the attitude around the house.  Today was raining all day but at least we were not under a flood watch like the state south of us was and still is as far as I am aware.

     Kids didn't want to get anything done today, and I didn't want to cook either so we had a lazy day of leftovers to eat and movies on Netflix.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

School today

        Today we started bible for the curriculum
  We are doing a study analysis on James, and the kids thought is was very thought provoking.
This should be a good few weeks as we finish reading and analyzing the book of James.  We shall see if they get very much out of it.

       Math was interesting with both of them starting MUS.  I think I understand more of where my son is confused on math, and it shouldn't take him long to get through the book he is in and on to the next one.  Yes I am skipping around to cover what confuses him and then on to what he needs in life for math.

      Well got to get off and get grammar done for both kids and spelling.  I think we will call it a day after that and get to Sam's club (we need dog food and lunch stuff).

 have a great day