Saturday, March 31, 2012

sad day

Well it has been a hard lesson learned at our house today, the puppies were given away and we are holding one for grandpa and grandma.
It is a hard lesson that has hit my daughter pretty hard.
On a positive note though, flowers are planted in outside planters, garden is getting ready to be put in.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


here are a few poems that my kids have wrote over the years for school

school books are boring it is true
warroir books are cool whithoat lie
you are boring dearring school--
I would like to die
(he wrote that a few years ago when studying poetry -- I left the misspelling and grammar alone)

here is our Acrostic Poem  done yesterday    (for the word MAMMAL)


well they are now 5 weeks old.
1 has learned to climb the stairs to get inside (we call her Growler).  she use to growl and fall on her         
    butt at the same time.
the runt is now one of the fattest ones and always picking fights with everyone
Wrong Way decided yesterday to explore the yard and ended up in at the back door when I tried
     bringing everyone in for night time
Snowie has a white head and face and likes to be by herself
we have 2 that like to sleep by themselves (ok we never nicknamed all of them)
That is our life at the zoo at this point and time.  
Hope everyone has a great day (enjoys the laugh)

This week of warm weather

Well this week is off to a good start.
    3/26/12    school got all done.  we learned how the Jews wanted a king so they got Saul
                                                 we learned how Johnny Tremain ended up learning and doing  
                                                     before the war
                                                  we are learning why the war happened. the taxes and what was 
                                                       behind them
                                                 for science we are studying mammels and all.
3/27/12      school is done for today  ----- continue everything from earlier.
                                                  literature---- Johnny gets his hand burned, and now has no career path                                                    

Monday, March 19, 2012

100th  day of school

     1. have fun                                           X
     2. go to movie                                       X  (saw Journey 2  Mysterious Island)
     3. come home play with puppies             X

hope everyone else has a good day too.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Something new

today we finished reading The Sign of the Beaver and both kids liked it.  Little one thought it ended just perfect.

Tomorrow we start with Johnny Tremain and the 3rd section of our curriculum in this book. (yeah)
bible we are starting to talk about how the Jews wanted a king like the others around them so they
           chose one

puppies are growing but brother-in-law thinks he has sold most of them.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

This week

Well puppies are starting to open their eyes.  2 got stuck behind the couch and couldn't get out yesterday but never fear little girl found them and saved the day.