Monday, February 6, 2012

learned today

For bible we read 1 Samuel 4: 1-11 (good story)
For Literature we are reading  The Sign of the Beaver by Elizabeth G. Speare
For history he talked about the history of South Carolina
For science the learned about the parts of an Atom and to understand it more we watch Bill Nye the Science Guy

Math each kid did there own assignment
Pe for little one was running around playing with the dogs and for big one it is fencing tonight


  1. Oh Jacob likes Bill Nye the Science Guy..

  2. Jessica liked it, but Jason says it drove him nuts (he is a more factual kid) of course I think it was only because his sister liked it.

  3. oh you did so much better than me yesterday. We didn't get much done as our morning was a total mess and the afternoon. I don't even know what you call that. LOL! Loving you being in the blogging world now. : ) You are looking good Friend!!!