Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Did today

Well Mom wasn't feeling all the great (sore throat) so we just relaxed and cleaned house today.
We have had 84 days of school this year.  Ok we are behind, but does learning ever really start and stop.
Kids are ok with the idea that school will continue until June so all is good.

have a great day today 


  1. I soooo get it!! My kiddo is trying to knock out math, english and reading. If we get that done then I will be happy. I just can't seem to function today. Feeling bad my house is a wreck. I gotta get it in order.

    I love your kids are always learning statment because they really are! :)

  2. getting house in order is 1st order of business for us today. I cant smell very well but I still love the smell of orange cleaners makes my house smell of summer.
    somehow I have to learn to make my own cleaners (it will be better for us I am sure)
    tell your kiddo good luck

  3. Ooof you to.. Jacob luckly did his school work on his own.. ack i hate feeling under the weather, I got up about 5,and was up till about 7,then I slept most of the morning..
    I feel icky ..