Saturday, July 28, 2012

Start of school year

Don't you just hate this time of year?  I do at times.
I have changed my daughters science book 3 times now.  I hope that I finally have one that will work (I am getting tired of this personally).

I bought The Stargazer's Guide to the Night Sky and got it home and realized that it was more for a high school level book.
I went to the local Christian Book store  (the Galilean) talked to them, looked around and thought about trying one of those books.  Went home looked some more and found out that is over her head too.
So last night I ordered Exploring Creation w/ Astronomy  by Apologia.
We will see how it goes maybe this is the one I am looking for.

When will school start??
Well I am thinking that it will officially start in on Aug. 6th that is the idea now anyway.


  1. Hey Girl,
    I totally get your frustration. We started this morning and I am now frustrated. This can't be good for what our year lies ahead. ARGH!!! I want to just do school in the morning to leave the afternoon open for summer time stuff, but my child drags her feet. I had lesson plans for the week and after only day 1 my lesson plans are wrong. ERK!!!!! I am happy with Apologia. We are going into year 3 with it. I hope it works for you too. Chin up Girl!!!

  2. I hope so too. With both kids going to use Apologia I am really stressed about this now.
    I get your frustrations, I think they are upset about having to start so early and are rebelling. ugh.
    keep your chin up too girl we will make it through this one way or another.