Monday, February 13, 2012

Welcome New Week

today we did                                                                                       2/15/12
     bible       1 Sam. 7
literature     ch. 12-13
history         started talking about Georgia
science        getting set up for experiments
fine arts      listened to classical music  
math           the next lesson

today we worked on in school                                                                     2/14/12
    Bible           1 Sam 6
    Literature     ch 10-11
    daughter went to PE and art
    both kids going to Kenpo tonight

today we worked on in school                                                                           2/13/12
       Bible           1 Sam. 5
       Literature   ch 8-9
       Science      they started working on a electrical project (I am letting them choice between 4)
       History      watched  Autobiography of Ben Franklin (PBS version) from Netflix
      Math          worked on the lesson that comes next


  1. OOooF where did the weekend go? lol

  2. I don't know but if I find it then I want it back..