Friday, February 17, 2012

Feel like the bad parent

     Do you ever feel like the bad parent? You know the one who has to enforce the rules, the one who has to make sure all the chores are done.
     Well I really hate when that happens to me.  It seems that my 2 adorable kids have not been getting their stuff done like they were suppose to do.  So today I get to be the bad parent and ground them both.  How long should it last?  Well it has been thought to just keep them grounded until they get the stuff done, but does that work?  
     I think that today we will look at what I think Charlotte Mason would say is a character problem and that means that we have to work on character issues.  My very techno kids are about to get a rude awaking when they lose access to all this.
     I would like to say that this weekend is going to be a great weekend, but I have the feeling it is going to be long.

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